Piers Morgan, Liberal Protestant

I know this was a while back, but it’s worth sharing and commenting on.

Watch Piers Morgan get owned by Penn Jillette, the famous magician and atheist.

Jillette more-or-less understands Roman Catholic theological method—specifically, that individual interpretation and democracy (the church moving with the times) matter little to Catholic doctrine and dogma.  He does a decent job of summing up the Catholic view of tradition: It’s not supposed to modernize, it’s supposed to be God’s unchanging will for the church.

On the other hand, Morgan actually demonstrates the liberal Protestant theological method quite well: quote Jesus’ own words (as recorded in Scripture—but no other parts of Scripture, mind you); if the Gospels don’t record Jesus saying something about a particular subject, then we can do what we like.

Jillette obviously doesn’t agree with the Roman Catholic Church’s stance—on anything, really—and he’s a little sloppy with his history and theology (e.g., the bit about Luther), but he’s basically right: if you’re a Catholic, you either agree with your church, or you don’t.


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