The Planned Parenthood God

I just had to share this, a blog in the New York Times.

Never mind that President Obama addressed the largest abortion provider in the United States and firmly stood on one side of a contentious political debate.

Never mind that air traffic controllers get axed because of the budget sequester while Planned Parenthood’s federal funding remains sacrosanct.

Never mind the rich irony that President Obama, who passed a massive new healthcare interference bill designed to nudge the behavior of the populace, is quoted as saying, “when it comes to a woman’s health, no politician should get to decide what’s best for you.”

No, never mind all that, because that’s just typical of our corrupt, depraved political system in America.

But look at the woman in the picture from the event.  There’s something chilling about her garb that grabs me as a Christian and a pastor.  Apparently, she is a clergywoman–hence, the clerical collar and stole.  But do you see what is printed on her stole?  Yes, that’s the Planned Parenthood logo.  Chilling.

Now, before you accuse me of being partisan, imagine a clergyperson wearing a stole with an NRA symbol on it.  Or Burger King.  Or Fox News.  Or Wal-Mart.  Or whatever.  See the problem?  The problem is when Christians willingly kneel at the altars of strange gods who have nothing to do with the one true God revealed in Jesus Christ.  I don’t know anything about the woman in the picture, but the image reminds me more of the priests of Molech and the unfaithful Israelites, than it does faithful ministers of Jesus Christ.

Lord, have mercy.


5 thoughts on “The Planned Parenthood God

  1. Allow me to offer you a way to possibly see beyond your initial reaction, Pastor. Yes, they provide abortions, but Planned Parenthood also provides many other health services to women. They primarily serve the poor, and in rural communities they may be the only health care provider within reach. They provide a ministry, as you do.

    People need health care more than they need to travel by air. I don’t have any problem seeing that moral hierarchy.

  2. As I said, never mind all the political distractions–including health care and what PP does or does not do. That’s not the point. I am observing the woman’s provocative attire: Christian clergy clothing marked with something other than symbols of the Christian God. And I would vigorously disagree that PP provides a “ministry”–defined as service to a god–on par with Christian ministers. That uneven comparison (abortion as service to a god = ministry of Word and sacrament in the church) is very chilling. Molech, indeed.

  3. But you are right, that “they provide a ministry” in the name of their god. It’s just not a god I think is appropriate to be adorning a Christian clergyperson.

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