Still Lord of lords

Yahoo! News recently published a slide show of photos about the death of North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong Il, including photos of his body on display.  Besides the inherent creepiness of the body photos, there was an interesting detail that jumped out at me.  At the foot of his bier you can clearly see his birth and death years: 1942-2011.  No big deal, right?

Keep in mind, though, that North Korea is the worst persecutor of Christians in the world (according to Voice of the Martyrs) and officially an atheistic state.  So how interesting it is that Dear Leader’s life would be shown in reference to Jesus Christ, whom he persecuted!  (Anno domini 1942-2011)

Many rulers in history have called themselves lord of lords and king of kings.  In Scripture, the Persian king Artaxerxes referred to himself as “king of kings” (Ezra 7:12), and the king of Babylon Nebuchadnezzar–who had not shortage of self-regard–was also called “king of kings” (Ezekiel 26:7).  There is evidence that Kim Jong Il also fancied himself a god-like figure and mighty ruler.  But he is now dead.

And the only true Lord of lords and King of kings is still Jesus Christ (Revelation 17:14; Revelation 19:16), who is the same yesterday and today and forever, into the ages (Hebrews 13:8).  We will all perish, but he lives forever; kings and generations will rise and fall, but he is forever.  May Jesus Christ be praised, especially during this season of his nativity.


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