Headline Roundup

Presbyterian Office of Public Witness Director Arrested at the Capitol for Civil Disobedience.

If any General Assembly commissioners (or any motivated presbyters who want to float an overture next year) are reading this: please, please, please shut down the Office of Public Witness.  This is an embarrassment.  This does nothing to enhance God’s kingdom or the Presbyterian Church (USA).  It doesn’t even do anything to positively affect the political discourse in America.  This is not the 1960’s.  I don’t need someone getting arrested on my behalf.  If I wanted to make a point, I would spend the 30 seconds it takes to google my Representative’s, senators’, and the president’s e-mail addresses, and then send them an e-mail.

Heartland Pastors Proclaim that Homosexuality Is Not a Sin.

As the second commenter on this article ineloquently stated, “it takes more than 234 confused clergy to overrule the Bible.  Not even 234 million.”  Truth is not democratic.

Janet Edwards Is Bisexual.

First of all, gross.  Second of all, what she is describing is not discovering some latent sexual orientation within herself, but adultery.  Jesus said, “You have heard that it was said, Don’t commit adultery.  But I say to you that every man who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery in his heart.”  (That’s Matthew 5:27-28 from the Common English Bible, by the way.)  Or you could say, “every woman who looks at a woman lustfully.”  Gross.  Just gross.


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