The Liberal Media Who Cried Wolf

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We all know the fable about the boy who cried wolf: Sounding the alarm worked to alert the townspeople to danger…until they realized that there was no danger and that his cries were empty.  Likewise, these days the liberal media are crying wolf, desperately trying to change the political conversation that has gotten out of their control.  Whether it’s tea parties, town hall meetings, the recent Tea Party Express rally in Washington, or even Joe Wilson (whom I am not defending), liberal pundits have not known how to respond to those who are pushing back against the president and Congress’ plans, except to tar them with the racist label.

But every time they hit the nuclear button–usually for the banal reason of stifling debate and putting their opponents on the defensive–all legitimate charges of racism lose their force. Eventually, if these faux-racism mongers relentlessly keep crying wolf with no real evidence, our culture will become desensitized to the real currents of authentic racism that still pulse through our society.

So we all need to be vigilant to address racism in its varied forms, but we need to not impugn the motives of others in an attempt to demonize them and score a few political points.  Because that ultimately cheapens the race struggles in our nation and undermines the progress we have made toward racial reconciliation in America.  (After I started writing this, I watched a commentary by Brit Hume, which only augments my point.  David Harsanyi has also written a typically witty and provocative article here.)

For some reason, politically liberal media pundits–who find President Obama to be absolutely without blemish–cannot imagine that anyone would actually disagree with his policies without also being a bigot.  Sure, there are probably many racists out there who don’t like the president’s policy positions.  But there are also millions–maybe even tens of millions–of others who I’m sure can distinguish between a man’s racial background and his politics.

Here are a few wolf-criers:

Maureen Dowd is apparently hearing voices that aren’t really there.  So since we’re interpreting other people’s private motivations, maybe Ms. Dowd should visit a psychiatrist to get her auditory hallucinations checked out.

Joan Walsh accuses millions of white Americans with racism against the president without any evidence except his declining poll numbers (which actually could be due to many things, after all).  And then, after casting aspersions broadly, she tries to walk it back a little.  Bizarre.

Michelle Goldberg has written a rambling, incoherent rant against conservative Christians, suggesting in kind of a long-shot, coincidental way, that they are all racists and that any suspicion of invasive government is just a mask for racism.  I think.  Actually I’m not really sure what the point of her essay is.  If someone else reads it and can summarize her point, please let me know what it is.

Former president Jimmy Carter, while technically not a member of the liberal media, also piled on, apparently labeling any opposition to the current president’s policies as racist.  I wonder if he is able to separate how people feel about President Obama from his job approval; polls even show that many people like the person Barack Obama, but are at the same time dissatisfied with his leadership, handling of various issues, and even his political stances.  (See also Janet Daley’s smart commentary on our esteemed 39th president.)


4 thoughts on “The Liberal Media Who Cried Wolf

  1. South Carolina has a long list of dignitaries that includes Lauren Caitlin Upton (Miss Teen USA 2007 pageant contestant), Board of Education Chair, Kristin Maguire, Governor (and avid Appalachian hiker), Mark Sanford and now Joe “the hater not a debater” Wilson or the “screamer not the dreamer” as others have dubbed him. I did enjoy him cut and running through his apology, which only goes to show that he stands for nothing. He is just another good old boy where in the morning these married men preach to you that there should be prayer in our schools and in the evening they are on their cell phones setting up a date with their other women on the side, hypocrisy has been bred in. I am not surprised that he felt compel to yell like he was at some Friday night game. So long Joey, you too will be seeing the unemployment lines.

  2. Like I said, I’m not defending Joe Wilson. And since I’m not from the South, nor do I live in the South, maybe I’m missing some of the cultural subtext here. But I do know that the South has come a long way in race relations, which makes it all the more important for us to collectively move on rather than constantly hoisting the flag of racism.

  3. I live in the South. Any critique offered against the encroachments of a power hungry statist of color is met with the derisive term “racist” to put the speaker on the defensive and take the assertion immediately out of the realm of debate like a “get out of jail free” card!

    I don’t know Joe Wilson. He looked to me like a football coach in a suit.

    Personally, I’m waiting for our President to apologize. Just before Mr. Wilson’s outburst, our President called millions of Americans “liars” because he alleged they were bearing false witness against his “plan”. Democrats have changed the provisions used to state that illegal aliens would be covered, so who was bearing false witness? Where is the apology?

    Thanks for mentioning this!

  4. I grew up in the South. In the fifties and sixties, federal courts forced our school districts to integrate. We were made to feel racially backward and morally inferior to the rest of the country. Imagine my surprise when I moved to Chicago in 1979 and found that over the next several years their school district was in federal court because it still had not integrated! Racial animosity there far exceeded anything I have experienced before or since in the South. Apparently those in the North and Mid-West are perfectly happy to legislate that Southerners are not to be racist while they blithely continue to be so themselves. It is not insignificant that Virginia was the first state to elect a black governor. I would suggest that the refusal to encounter a black president or other elected official critically is itself a condescending and racist attitude, as if such a person were not capable of intelligent discourse. Genuine engagement shows respect. The Democrats just want everyone else to shut up and agree to their outrageous proposals. Do people forget how contemptuously they spoke of George W. Bush? But they thought it was okay for them to be disrespectful of the office of president then. It is only now that they want no criticisms, and the charge of racism is a cheap and easy way for them to try to accomplish that.

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