An Open Letter to Presbyterians

June 17, 2009

An Open Letter to Members and Officers of the Presbyterian Church (USA):

The Presbyterian Church (USA) has yet again barely survived another round of divisive debate and voting on sexuality and ordination standards.  As we stagger forward with our self-inflicted wounds—bleeding members and hemorrhaging integrity—we can certainly look forward to yet a new assault at next year’s General Assembly.  The homosexual lobby that has infiltrated our denomination will not rest until the peace, unity, and purity of our church is finally obliterated.  The emboldened radicals in our denomination have promised to inflict further tumult, division, and impurity onto our common life, until, like recalcitrant toddlers, they finally get their own way.

Peace.  As we have all seen during presbytery meetings where amendments are considered, the issues foisted upon us by homosexual extremists spark rancorous, bitter debate, disturbing the peace of Christ that we should be seeking in our church.  They insist that this is an issue of justice for their god, and that there can be no peace unless they get their way, but it is not a god I recognize who rejoices in ecclesial feuding instead of harmony among his followers.  The results of the newest Presbyterian Panel survey reveal that only 29% of Presbyterian Church members and elders wanted to see last year’s Amendment B pass.  So the question is, why do the radicals keep pushing the issue?

Unity.  The activities of the homosexual lobby have already spurred division in our denomination—sometimes publicly when entire churches separate, and sometimes privately as disaffected members drift away from the bitterness, confusion, and controversy.  But if they attempt to change our ordination standards again (which they will, because it is an issue of justice for their god), and if they succeed in altering our biblical, historical standards (which is a distinct possibility, due to their persistence, the abetting of denominational leaders, and the apathy and resignation among conservatives), our already fragile denomination will be shattered, without a doubt.  There will be huge defections of members and officers that will leave local churches broken and hurting.  And congregations will leave en masse, bankrupting presbyteries through legal challenges.  Some day, the homosexual advocates might win the battle and get their own way, but it will be at the cost of our common life together.  Unfortunately, the sexual radicals seem willing to sacrifice our denomination for the ordination of a handful of individuals who could easily find a spiritual home in the United Church of Christ or in the Metropolitan Community Churches.  This is, of course, not even taking into consideration that if we ever accept their radical vision of sexuality for the church, we will cut ourselves off from the worldwide, catholic church and retreat into a parochial, sexualized sect that is only faintly related to Christianity.  So if these are the stakes, the question is, why are the radicals persisting in their divisive agenda?

Purity.  The homosexual lobby has long ago stopped pretending to promote purity for church officers and members.  Instead of striving for holiness, they have attempted to topple our understanding of humanity, sin, and salvation by dismantling Scripture, undermining our confessions, and confusing the basic gospel message.  In effect, they have said, “Everybody sins, so why single out one sin?  Let’s be realistic and just loosen up a little.”  Influenced by biased, secular science—while at the same time discarding the clear witness of Scriptures and our confessions—these advocates have promoted an impure, muddled, syncretistic religion that is not worthy of the name “Christian.”  So if this is the direction we are headed for, the question is, why do the activists continue to push us away from the Christ of Scripture and toward a new, idolatrous religion?

In all these things, the homosexual activists who have infiltrated our once-great denomination have been chronically violating their ordination vows by positively working to destroy the peace, unity, and purity of our denomination (see W-4.4003g), not to mention rejecting the Scriptures and Confessions and refusing to be instructed by them (W-4.4003b-e).  It is time for those of us who care about our denomination and who take our ordination vows seriously to lovingly but firmly tell the sexual radicals “no.”  And it is time for the sexual radicals to either submit to the will of the church, which has been established firmly, or to form their own new religion where they can freely express their own concept of “justice.”


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