Some Football Thoughts

Saturday, December 6, 2008

You would think replacing the goal posts would get kind of expensive for a smallish university.  This afternoon, my alma mater Northwest Missouri State University Bearcats handily beat the University of North Alabama Lions in Maryville, 41-7. Next week they will travel to Florence, Alabama (ironically, the home of the Division II championship game at the Unviersity of North Alabama’s Braly Stadium), to face the University of Minnesota-Duluth for the title.  Last year, Northwest won the dubious distinction of making it to the championship game three years in a row…and losing all three times.  Let’s hope this year they don’t add to that distinction.

In other football news, Jourdan Brooks, a running back for Rutgers University, learned the hard way why offensive players–especially running backs–don’t wear long hair that hangs out the back of their helmets.  Perhaps someone on the coaching staff should explain to him that he wants to be like a swimmer: sleek and slippery, with as few handles as possible.  With a haircut, that’s six points.  Check out this little video clip:


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