The Biggest Story of the 2008 Election

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Special Post

It seems that the mainstream press is finally catching up on the fact that they are becoming the biggest story of the 2008 presidential election!  (See my last post here.)

A couple more major breakthrough stories on media bias:

  • Harold Evans, writing in the left-of-center (British) Guardian, admits that the American media have squandered their skepticism and curiosity.
  • Peter Robinson wrote a shocking confession in Forbes, admitting the mainstream media’s bias.
  • A piece in The Washington Times by Jennifer Harper shows the results of a new poll showing that the media have joined President Bush and Congress for basement-level approval ratings.  Congratulations!

Although I have a bad track record on predicting the future (see here), I believe that media bias will emerge as one of the most important themes when the history books are written–regardless of who wins the White House.


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