A Political Prophecy

Although I am not ordinarily a rabid political pundit (I am, after all, a registered independent!), I have been following the 2008 presidential election with much interest. Rarely in our history have we seen such a wide-open and unsettled field for the presidency, and each day seems to bring another bump to the campaign trail.

Last spring I had an epiphany about the presidential election, and I would like to share my “prophecy” about how I believe this thing is going to play out. This all came to me back in March of 2007 when the various candidates were just getting into the race. My wife can attest to its antiquity–that my prophecy predates the latest developments.

A Political Prophecy:

On the Dem side, although Obama will make things interesting along the way, Hillary will coast pretty easily to the nomination; she’s way too popular among the entrenched base of her own party. On the GOP side, however, things will be much more interesting before they settle down. Rudy, defying all expectations of failure, will eventually become the nominee. The turning point will come when Rudy will convince conservative Christians that he will appoint strict constructionist justices to the Supreme Court. (Look what has already happened with Texas Governor Rick Perry!)

As for VP taps, it’s possible that Hillary may pick Obama, but it’s more probable that she’ll pick a likeable, moderate governor for a running mate (possibly Bill Richardson or Tim Kaine?). Rudy will probably choose Huckabee (who is young enough and could be groomed for a future administration?) or Haley Barbour, the governor of Mississippi.

In the general election, despite Dem momentum from 2006 and despite his many shortcomings, Rudy will cruise to become #44. Fear of having Bill & Hill in the WH again will send undecideds fleeing for Rudy like rats running from the floodwaters. While Hillary will capture the usual blue states, Rudy will carry the purple swing states like Florida, Pennsylvania, Iowa, & Michigan to send him over the edge next November.

This has been a political prophecy from Yours Truly.

[Disclaimer: This is not necessarily the way I hope things turn out; they are simply the way think they will actually turn out. And if I end up wrong, then I guess I’m just full of hot air…]


4 thoughts on “A Political Prophecy

  1. In reference to your last sentence: poof! And it’s only February! Well, you can try again in four years. Of course, this year you still could end up somewhat right with a few primaries left. My personal prediction is that you’ll feel better about your political prophecy by July 4 – Independent’s Day!

  2. Jane,

    Heh, heh…yes, about that political “prophecy” of mine…

    I wondered if I would ever have to answer for my bad guessing. It’s a good thing I put that little disclaimer in there at the end, especially since Rudy crashed and burned so badly. I also predicted the Patriots would sweep the Super Bowl this year. I guess you should just stop listening to me.

    I’m a little hesitant to predict anything now; this has been a strange political year.

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